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Open your eyes to all components of a good senior offer, from cash comp and bonuses to equity, severance, titles, and 20+ executive perks you've never considered before.

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  • 💰 SENIOR COMPENSATION BIBLE. The ultimate blueprint for how to negotiate senior compensation, including cash, equity, bonuses, benefits, and 20+ creative perks.
  • 🤫 NEGOTIATION CHEAT SHEET. Get a cheat sheet that shows you all components of senior offers, what priority to negotiate them in, AND how likely it is you’ll get them.
  • 📈 REAL-WORLD EXAMPLES. Dive into 10+ case studies of how top execs negotiated premium travel, preferred terms on stock options, funding participation, and more.
  • 🥷 TALK TRACKS YOU CAN COPY. Express yourself clearly and persuasively in senior negotiations with talk tracks you can use for every step of the process.
  • ✅ MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you're worried this is another sh**ty online resource and you’re not 100% satisfied, I will happily process a refund. I'm so confident in this playbook that if it doesn't help increase your compensation by at least 5-figures, I'll send a full refund.

"Thanks to your advice, guess what...they gave me what I asked for! Thank you!!” -Executive in Banking & Financial Services


1. Top 20+ levers of senior negotiation, including...

  • Base salary & bonuses
  • Sign-on bonuses
  • Accelerators & kickers
  • Vacation & health benefits
  • Coworking, work from home, & relocation
  • Stock options (basic & advanced topics)
  • Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)
  • Restricted Stock Awards (RSAs)
  • Cashless, extended, and early exercising
  • Single & double triggers
  • Time-based comp increases
  • Travel preferences
  • Professional memberships
  • Exit / severance packages
  • Headcount for senior leaders
  • Milestone payments
  • Funding participation
  • 10+ other creative perks

2. Structuring a Senior Package, Part I: Cash + Benefits

3. Structuring a Senior Package, Part II: Equity

4. Black-Belt Negotiation Moves for Senior Leaders

5. Securing the Right Senior Title

6. Promotions & Raises

7. Personal Branding for Executives

8. Cheat Sheet for Prioritizing Components of Senior Offers


Take a peek inside and see for yourself how much value is packed into the Compensation Bible.


This playbook is best suited for senior professionals, including directors, senior directors, VPs, C-Suites, and other executives. Newer execs will benefit most, but old dogs will also learn new tricks.


Most leaders don't know how to negotiate compensation effectively. They leave a lot on the table, and there are shockingly few resources to help navigate complex scenarios. I compiled this playbook based on first-hand experiences and tactics from world-class execs. Learn black-belt moves for maximizing your compensation today.


I'm Devon Hennig, the creator behind the popular TikTok channel Boardroom Confidential. For 10+ years I was an exec at both private and public companies. When I started, I had no idea how to negotiate senior job offers and I left literally millions of dollars on the table. Now I’m sharing what I’ve learned to help others maximize their compensation.

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  • Thanks to your advice, guess what...they gave me what I asked for! Thank you!!” -Executive in Banking & Financial Services

What are you waiting for? Use the techniques in this bible to make a 6 or 7-figure difference in your comp package today.

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GUARANTEE: I'm so confident in this resource that if it doesn't help increase your compensation by at least 5-figures in your next offer, I'll send a full refund. No questions asked.

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Senior Compensation Bible: the ultimate guide for improving your compensation dramatically. Applicable at both private & public companies in any industry.

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Senior Compensation Bible

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